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The MUD Development Room
   You are in a enormous dome-like area, with half-built rooms, castles, woods and mountains. As you hike from place to place, you become more and more eager to start playing Role Playing Games in these surroundings. If only they were finished!
   Suddenly, you hear voices, somewhere to your east! There are people arguing...

> east
The MUD Development Shed
   You are in the building shed of the MUD developers. You see nerds of the most extreme kind, discussing the many ethical problems that are involved with MUD-building.
Hampei the Classic is standing here.
Cavalier the Builder is standing here.
Kamarad the Thinker is standing here.

> Hampei says, 'Cruoninga is in a deep deep sleep. Never to wake up.'
Cavalier says, 'What? We won't recreate Groningen in our next release?'
Kamarad says, 'I think it's the dawn of a new MUD generation, and I think it's good.'
They hear a voice telling them to call it 'Infinite Planes of Reality'.


We are working on a completely new mud, which will be playable from the start, but with limited options at the moment. You can try it here (warning, java applet).

Currently, the rest of the site is mostly dedicated to helping us with the development. Soon, you will be able to help by testing, submitting bugs and suggesting features.